Friday, September 04, 2009

Miracle on Mellonforth Street

You might remember me ranting a bit about not being able to get pictures off of the small, black camera due to a missing USB cable. It was two whole posts ago, so perhaps you've forgotten in which case, you might want to scroll down and read the entry with the French title again.

It would seem that my whining over the internet brings results as evidenced by my dear, sweet husband quickly ordering a replacement from Amazon. This new cable arrived yesterday. It had 5 different attachments that you could interchange to meet all of your electronic uploading needs. Except, not a single one of the little plugs was tiny enough to fit into the small, black camera's port. I was about to throw the little trouble making device out the window when it dawned on me to take the memory card out of the camera and slip into the handy little slot on my computer. Suddenly, the clouds parted and the sun shone down on me as a choir of angels sang of the miracle for right there on my laptop screen were the handful of missing pictures now available for posting.

I'm sure you're all shaking your heads wondering why I didn't do this in the first place or for that matter why I even mess with a USB cable at all. The reason is simple--I forget to put the darn card back into the camera. Then when I go to take new pictures, I get an error message with a lot of flashing lights which causes unpleasant words to spring forth from my mouth. Since I strive to reserve my unpleasant word use for such catastrophes as running out of hot water in the shower, breaking a fingernail, or having both of my sisters-in-law top my high Bejeweled Blitz score, it's USB cables for me.

Anyway, here are the long lost pictures. First up, Mellon's solo trip to the pool with two clinging children. Please observe my ultra frizzy hair from the humidity and Chase's bored face--neither of which is more important than noting that both of the little dumplings are still alive. See, another miracle.

Hmm. Not sure why I took this picture. It's the only one that I took in the pit that day. I do dream of having my own seat up there with the camera guy. But not on a windy, rainy day. And not when it's too hot either. Hmmm. Maybe I'll just stay in the relative safety of the pit box.

This calls for another hmmm. Why am I standing at such an odd angle? Was it to keep myself anchored down so the wind wouldn't blow me away as it was trying to decapitate me via the lanyard from my pit pass? Mysteries happen around here as often as miracles it would seem.

The island that the track is on is really beautiful. Our driver Pierre told us that Montreal hosted a horticulture contest years ago where different nations each got a section to design with plantings from their native countries. Maybe for the World Fair that was there? Anyway, the vegetation has grown in over the years, and it is truly beautiful. One more neat fact: the island is man made from the rock that they dug out of the ground when they put in the Metro. They just threw it into the St. Lawrence river and Voila! an island was born.

Here I am once again trying to not be blown away outside the casino. I felt like Dorothy minus the gingham dress, pigtales and yappy dog. Oh, and the house that fell on the wicked witch. No flying monkeys either. I guess there really isn't anything at all that's comparable to Dorothy in this story. Or maybe I could pass Drew off as the Scarecrow? If he only had a brain... That doesn't work at all b/c the man obviously has a brain--he married me didn't he?

And here are the Chuck E. Cheese pictures. These are pretty self explanatory I believe.

So there you go. One final note: Not only did I survive my 12 hour shift of watching the kids yesterday, but Chase had no accidents the entire day, Amaya actually drank from her sippy cup, and I remembered to put the memory card back into the small, black camera. Miracles I tell ya. Miracles.

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