Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Mama's little Ragebot

There's just so much in this world that irritates the little half pint that she frequently has to clench here whole body in an effort to control the fury that yearns to be unleashed. Rage on little Petunia--you are cracking your parents up.

Having the camera taking her picture doesn't appear to be one of the things that sets her off though as it was hard to catch her doing her thing on film. These are the best that I got, but they don't really do the maneuver justice. I hope that you can at least get a feel for what it's like living with a 13 month old who suffers from rage blackouts. In the second video the action is at the very beginning, so you have to be real quick to catch it. If you're not quick enough and it starts driving you mad, you can always employ the use of the Ragebot's coping mechanism--just make sure you have someone record you doing it--I'd love to see it!

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