Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He works hard for the money

Chase helped Daddy shovel the sidewalk this afternoon. Poor little urchin had no snowsuit and mismatched mittens. Woefully unprepared were we for the appearance of the white flaky stuff. Little guy suffered through it though to carry out his snow duties with finesse.

Then after his job was complete, he was too tired to walk. So, Daddy had to give him a lift.

Amaya was not too sure about the wet, white stuff. She didn't have to work at all and she had a snowsuit, so she really has no validation for her complaints. Next year will be a different story.


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    So you have snow! Chase looks like he is enjoying the work! Especially the ride on the shovel. Amaya is just so cute! love grandma

  2. Yvonne7:54 PM

    Funny you titled this blog, "He works hard for the money." I posted that song on my friend's FB yesterday. You shld definitely let Andy and Chase have a listen. :-)


  3. The guy in the yellow running shorts and blue tights cracked me up!