Friday, January 23, 2009

Side Planks are next on the list...

Little Amaya has been sitting up on her own for a good two weeks now. However, it isn't good enough for Amaya to just have someone put her in a sitting position. Oh no, this one thinks that she needs to constantly try to pull herself up to sit straight and tall. Today, I had her in her little pink loungy chair, but she was not content to just lie back and relax while watching Mickey and friends. Nope, she had to crunch herself up until she was sitting at a perfect 90 degree angle. And then she stayed like that--for 40 minutes. Her ab muscles must be as solid as a slab of marble. Next, she will be showing mama how much better she can do the side plank exercises. To which I'll tell her the same thing I tell Jeanne when she's trying to get me to hold it ten seconds longer: Once you've had your abdominal muscles sliced open not once, but twice--you can talk to me about the weakness of my core strength. Now hand me a cookie.

I just want to point out her cute little bunny tail...

Amaya thinks it's pretty darn cute, too.


  1. Mandy1:18 PM

    She is SOOOO adorable. And, I wish she could do some training for my abs. Geez.

    Love the bunny tail.

  2. It's pretty sad when a six month old can do more sit ups than her Mama. :-P