Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who are you calling a witch, witch?

I got a surprise today. I love surprises in general, but this one really made me chuckle. My cousin Mandy sent me this lovely lady:

No, she wasn't making a sly reference to my personality--though it wouldn't be at all unreasonable to confuse me with a witch on certain days of the month. This is a Kitchen Witch which folk lore assures me is sent to guard my kitchen from evil spirits and burnt frozen french fries. When I was little, my mom had one in her kitchen--I think that one of my Aunt Sisser's friends made it for her. I also think that Aunt Ozzie had one too--but my memory is a little cloudy on that point. I do remember though that when Mandy and her brother Shelby would be at my house for a meal, we would always raise our forks full of food up to the Kitchen Witch and ask that she make it taste good. Picture three little dirty rug rats raising up a spoon full of tomato soup and asking the good witch to make it taste like a Hershey Bar. There was much giggling from us, and I am sure from the adults who were probably just happy that we were eating our lunch at all. I have not a clue what happened to the original Kitchen Witch, but her memory lives on--now reincarnated in a new version hanging in my own kitchen. Thanks for the laugh and the memories Manders.


  1. Mandy1:49 PM

    You're very welcome! Glad to send a smile and fond memories your way. I opened up a matching witch on Christmas morning--I guess Mom really was paying attention when I regaled her with my memories of asking the kitchen witch at your house to make our food taste good. And, no, Mom didn't have a kitchen witch--that's why I was so enthralled with Aunt Suzy's. lol. I hope she keeps bad things at bay in your kitchen. :o)

  2. I haven't seen a kitchen witch since I was a little girl! Thanks for the memories! I never understood why we had one. Do you know any more about why people have them? Is it an Appalachian thing or did it come in with immigrants? I wish I had questioned more when I was a child instead of just accepting that things in my house just "were."

  3. I don't really know a lot about the history of the kitchen witch. I did look on wiki, and it said that they've been used for centuries in Europe though no one knows the exact origin for sure.