Sunday, February 01, 2009

Four Facts For February

This one:

1) Is still a Cars fanatic. This morning, I found him in his room with no pants gleefully holding up the Cars pajama set that Uncle Rob bought him for Christmas (Please see picture). He insisted on watching the movie this morning as he simultaneously read his Cars story with his TAG reader occasionally supplementing the narration by screaming, "Oh, no! It's Frank!" over and over. He has a CD player in his room with the Cars soundtrack and requests that the "Mack Song" be played several times a day. He sings "Route 66" at the top of his lungs. At his swimming lesson, he yammered about Cars crashing and Chick Hicks while I was pulling him through the water trying to get him to kick. And nearly every day, he reminds me that we have to go to Target to buy Tex. I'm not sure where he gets this obsessive nature from as I certainly have never behaved in such a manner. (no editorial remarks allowed Grandma)

2) Chase knows most of his letters by sight. He still gets K and X mixed up and thinks that all W's are M's. Sometimes, he'll let me sing the alphabet song, but mostly when I try he says, "No, Mama. No ABC's".

Now this one:

3. Says, "mmmm oooooo mmmmmmm aaaaaa" all day long. One day while she was yammering these syllables over and over, Andy asked her where her Mama was. The little imp turned right around and looked me straight in the eye. Then she smiled that great big open mouthed smile and went back to calling my name. I swear she'd have winked at me if she had that much control over her fine motor skills.

4. Naps are starting to become a regular part of her schedule-finally. I usually put her down around 10 and 1, and she'll typically sleep for at least 30 minutes. The other day, she snoozed for an hour and a half. Afterward, we had a serious, in depth conversation about how much better she felt when she let herself rest for a significant time period. She contributed many "Mmmmmm oooooo mmmmmmm aaaaaaa mmmmm's" to the dialogue, so I am sure she understood and has plans for continued cooperation in the future.

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