Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009? Really?

How'd that happen? Wasn't it just Y2K? Now here we are entering the last of the middle double zero years the likes of which we'll not see again for 900 years or so. Yes, I do plan on living that long, don't you? As for my list of resolutions, well I'm still working on it. I may have it done about this time next year. However, just like every other year, the following goals will be included in the final list:

A: I resolve to attempt to keep the clutter on my night table to a minimum. Minimum is defined as no more than three items hitting the floor when I reach over to look at the clock.

B: I resolve to eat one vegetable for every six desserts. Lofty goal, I know. But if you're going to go at all, you might as well go all the way, right?

C: I resolve to keep the unread and/or unanswered emails in my inbox to a manageable number i.e. somewhere between 0 & 125. Similarly, I will attempt to answer emails within a reasonable time frame--reasonable being within a month. (or two)

and finally

D: I resolve to update the blog frequently enough that I keep my loyal readers (that means you mom) happy. Or if not happy, at least content enough that I don't get prank calls and strongly worded emails regarding my lack of new content.

I am sure that I will be as successful with these four items as I have been in years past. I can hear you all snickering from here--but practice has to make perfect eventually. And now, on to the Hanukkah pictures.

Lighting the Menorah. Chase seemed confused when he heard everyone reciting the entire prayer since at our house we aren't so good at remembering all of the words--by we I of course mean me. Anyway, he does have the "shel Hanukkah" part down pat.

Looking at all of the characters on Aunt Jenn's menorah.

A robot of his very own--much better than a little sister any day!

Listening to the tunes his sister composes.

Laughing at PopPop. He's so funny!

As usual, we left with far more presents than we came with. The entire family was loaded down with loot. My favorite gift would have to be the CD of pictures that David took in 2008 including the much begged for Thanksgiving/Birthday pictures. See, all you have to do is publicly whine and threaten bodily harm, and then people give you what you want. Maybe that should also be one of my resolutions: I resolve to continue my griping, bellyaching ways until all of my demands are met. Or until someone shoots me, whichever comes first.

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