Monday, August 09, 2010


No, not the musical. My hair. I know how you all love the self portraits I take on days I have my tresses professionally styled. Unfortunately, I forgot to take them this time. But, I do have a small handful of photos that will provide you, gentle reader, with a hair makeover timeline. I bet you're so excited that you're practically bouncing in your office chair right now, aren't you? Well ok then, let's get this party started.

Above, we have the compulsory before shot. Yes, I know you can't see my hair very well in this picture. That's because I didn't actually take it to be used as a before shot. I took it to show my mom how cute my $4.00 thrift store Hanna Andersson dress looks. I love this dress for a couple of reasons.
1) It's cotton and super comfy.
2) It's an XS. Yes, I realize that is probably the reason it was at the thrift store--some true XS person put it on and got lost in it. When her family finally found her three days later, she shoved the dress into the giveaway box vowing to never order clothes through catalogs again.  Even knowing that this is likely the case, I choose to selectively forget that the dress was mislabeled and instead focus on those two letters: XS.

Since my day of before picture is not really hair focused, I will share with you a picture that was taken two days before my hair appointment.

Have you ever seen so many split ends! Dry! Dry! Dry! Oh and you can't even see the worst part in that photo due to my copious use of creative parting: my out of control grey patch.  What?  You want to see it? You want me to post a picture of my hideous, premature, old lady hair???  Online for the entire world to see? Sure. Why not.

Nuts, right? This is why you'll find me at the salon every six weeks without fail. I'd look like a skunk if I let it go. Could be a decent Halloween costume...maybe I'll consider it one day. But not today.

Now, I didn't plan on doing a post like this. I planned to just do my normal, silly photos after I was all sleek and pretty. But I forgot to take my Kindle to the salon. And as I've mentioned, the place is a time-sucking vortex of boredom laced with just a touch of sitting-still-too-long agitation. So, I tried to distract myself by taking photos with my iPhone and posting them to Facebook. First up: my Elvira inspired look.

Then we have a little background entertainment. I am shocked--shocked!--by such behavior in public.

Actually, I think they were just close talking, but like I said I was a wee bit bored. At that point, I can turn even the tiniest of observations into detailed story lines. It's a gift. Really.

And finally: the finished product. 

 Split ends no more! We'll see ya back here in six weeks. Wait, is anyone still reading this?


  1. beautiful! And I love the dress :) My slow computer spared me the view of your gray patch but I think you should sport it! You know, like whatshername on that TLC show about makeovers? My grays are creeping in all over my head but my hair is not dark enough to really tell yet. I wouldn't mind except why do they have to be wild and wiry? jeez.

  2. Well Troopleader Jen, I can not take your opinion seriously as you freely admit that you did not bear witness to the actual greyness of my hair. Still your Kitty Bartholomew reference wasn't far off the mark though here are like two wings in the front whereas mine are more in the dead center of my head. I will consider it one day. Lucky you to have light enough hair that it blends--Mother Nature must really appreciate all of those fairy homes you build. :-)

    I do believe having kids is speeding up the hair-whitening process. Maybe I'll go all grey like Heloise??