Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Good News: I'm Not Crazy

On July 21, I posted this as my Twitter/Facebook status:
My ears bled for 20 minutes while the whole house smoke alarm wailed nonstop. When Drew arrived to fix it: silence. Now he thinks I'm crazy.

Today, the alarm did it again. First one detector did a few quick, spaced out beeps that sounded like the "Battery is low" kind. But before I could find exactly which alarm was the culprit, the entire house started beeping nonstop in that "Get out of the house, there's a fire" kind of way. I grabbed the phone to call Drew and began looking for signs of smoke. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So I headed out to the gazebo and posted this on Twitter/Facebook:

Smoke alarm is going off again. Think I'll make a recording so when it stops before Drew's arrival, he'll know it wasn't only in my head.

Well, he finally arrived 40 minutes later. Yes 40.  I think that alleged crying wolf thing last time may have hampered his arrival. 40 minutes is a long time to listen to a screeching alarm. Does anyone feel sorry for me? Anyone?? 

Anyway, my delayed hero noticed that the Carbon Monoxide alarm was also going off, so he called the Fire Department just to be sure that we weren't being poisoned. The silent killer is nothing to mess around with, you know? So that's when I posted this picture to prove that I'm not crazy:

 A little loopy maybe, but not crazy. 10 minutes after I posted this picture, Drew emerged from the house with the fire fighters to tell me that all of this drama was caused by a faulty smoke detector on the bedroom level. Thanks must go out to our local FD for coming so quickly and assuring us our home was not a ticking time bomb. It's probably good the alarm made its defect known when there wasn't actually a fire as opposed to just not working when there was one. Or at least that's what I'm telling my throbbing head right now.

I think it might be important to note here that there was never any immediate danger to anyone while I was posting these items online. The kids were at school, the pets and I were outside, and Andy was with the firemen. Plus, there was no actual fire. Truly, if my house were on fire, I would allow for at least a 30 minute delay before updating my social media statuses to reflect those events. 

Now I have but one question: Does anyone else hear that ringing sound?


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Funny you should ask. My new hearing aids have been beeping all day! Seriously though, I'm glad everything is all right,and if anyone were to ask me, I would have told them you are not crazy! Good to know everything turned out well. xoxoxoxoxo Gran

  2. argh one time we had a smoke alarm break and it wailed ALL NIGHT LONG it was terrible!

  3. Ugh that's rough. You must have a killer headache.

  4. Smoke alarms always seem to go off at the worst possible moment--which is basically anytime I'm alone at home without a husband to deal with it! lol