Friday, August 06, 2010

What are you doing here?

Can you believe that this little petunia of mine turned two last Saturday? Insanity is what it is. Complete insanity.

I thought that I should do a quick little post outlining some of the little turkey's favorite things. The photos above & below illustrate a few items on my list: her love of shopping, her desire to accessorize to the hilt and her complete disregard for the state of her clothes and hair. Clearly, she gets all of those traits from me. It's almost like looking in the mirror--minus the whole mini-Drew look she's sporting.

She loves to sing and dance complete with choruses of giggles.

In her spare time she is a Trouble Hunter--the best in five counties! She can locate that varmint faster than anyone I know.

When she plays, she PLAYS wholeheartedly and with enough enthusiasm to power several high school cheer squads through an entire football season.

She also has little fear, showing no concern for her own physical well being. Luckily this approach to life has not resulted in any injury to her, though it has given me heart palpitations.

I also must take responsibility for her palate preferences. Girl has a sweet tooth the size of Texas. She would live on berries and bananas if given the choice. When she encounters a confection that she's not sure how to handle like the hard chocolate covering that is keeping her from that tasty vanilla ice cream for instance,

she simply looks to older, wiser ice cream eaters for advice. It isn't long before she masters the new skill.

Like a puppy, she seeks praise for her new found abilities--"Look PaPa, I did it!"

Let's see, what else? Her hair is finally long enough for a little ponytail though she rarely stays still long enough for me to give her one.
 She loves her babies. Every time we go to Target she wants another one or at the very least some accessories to go with the ones she has. She plops them down in her stroller and zooms around the house saying. "Baby. Walk." She doesn't show a particular preference for any single doll because she prides herself on being an equal opportunity cuddler.
See that mess in the background there? Yea. She likes to completely empty her dresser drawers during nap time. My mother claims that I did the same thing, but until I see proof I refuse to believe it myself.

How about some of her favorite phrases? We've got:

"What are you doing here?" --with the "here" pronounced like she's a distant relative of the Kennedy clan.

"One More"--said with her pointer finger held up in front of her mouth like she's whispering her request. One more isn't necessarily a quantity reference as it really just means keep giving her what she wants until she grows bored with the process. Could be 1, 10, 25, 125.

"Erfect!" --describing anything that she deems perfect. Sometimes she uses the word a little sarcastically like here in the video right around the time she drops the pig hat.

"Again!" --anything you do that she likes (funny faces, singing songs, reading books, dancing, shopping, etc)  she'll request that you do it again. And again. And again. Often used in conjunction with "One More".

"Right back" --her way of informing me she's off to do something. Usually involves finding that trouble again. She is a dedicated huntress.

"Chase! Knee!" --tattle tale phrase to let me know that Chase offended her in some manner. May or may not actually involve her knee.

"Amaya's pretties" --we call her hair doodads pretties. She likes me to put them in her hair so she can see how fast she can yank them back out. Fun game.

"Amaya. Turn." --spoken when she wants you to get out of her way so she can try.

"Amaya. Pink." --anything pink automatically belongs to her.

"Amaya. Rose." --the speaking of her name performed in a way similar to how computerized telephone voices patch together words to make sentences. Very disjointed but completely adorable.

You might notice that a number of her oft repeated phrases center around her own name. That there is very indicative of her overall personality. She is a princess, and we are all here to do her bidding.

And I just can't imagine where she ever got such an idea.


  1. Such a cutie! Happy bday petunia! And now I must go have a chocolate dipped cone... and more babies.

  2. So cute! She's two months older than my Cubbie. He says, "Gin" for again alot too.

  3. Oh wait, other way around, my Cubbie is two months older than her...duh!'s so cute to watch them start to actually make sense with their words now.

  4. CM--it's so funny. You wait so long for those first words, and then it isn't long before you are begging for just a moment's silence! lol