Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Decline of 2009

Here we are more than half way through this year already. Sometimes I feel like someone has DVR'd my life and has it on a constant 4x fast forward. I remember when I was a kid my mom would tell me to stop trying to grow up so fast because once your childhood is over time moves way too quickly. Being the clueless lass that I was at the time, I was all "Sure lady. You try sitting through Mr. Shaver's WV history class and then tell me how quickly time moves." Now, I know how right the Mama was. Unfortunately, I don't think my kids will listen to me either as I believe it is one of those life lessons that can only be learned after the fact.

So with the year on the decline, I decided that it might be a good time to revisit this year's resolutions. All of those self help books tell you that you need to evaluate your successes and failures if you truly want to make a go of new changes. So since thoroughness is my middle name, here we go:

I resolve to update the blog frequently enough that I keep my loyal readers (that means you mom) happy. Or if not happy, at least content enough that I don't get prank calls and strongly worded emails regarding my lack of new content.

Dude, I have totally rocked this one. I set a goal of at least 10 entries per month, and I've so far met it. Hopefully, I'll continue along this same path. If I get really desperate, I'll just have a "Best of the Blog" day where I republish one of my older posts. So, if sometime in the future you find yourself reading something that sounds eerily familiar, just shake your head and know that I have fallen from my rock star status.

I resolve to keep the unread and/or unanswered emails in my inbox to a manageable number i.e. somewhere between 0 & 125. Similarly, I will attempt to answer emails within a reasonable time frame--reasonable being within a month. (or two)

You all have to admit that I have been making great strides in this arena. I try to clean out the mess at least once a week. While this may still sound like I am not making any progress, it is actually a huge leap forward when you compare it to my prior habit of only dealing with my inbox once a month. The problem is that by the time I finish replying to the last of my piled up emails, ten new electronic tidings have arrived in answer to my hastily written notes. It seems that some people like to respond to emails as soon as they arrive so that they don't accumulate. Show offs.

I resolve to attempt to keep the clutter on my night table to a minimum. Minimum is defined as no more than three items hitting the floor when I reach over to look at the clock.

Meh. This one is about 50/50. I have decreased the massive pile of books and magazines that made up the balk of the decor on my night table. However, this is mainly due to the kindle and not to any conscious effort on my part. Now if I could just find an all-in-one lamp, monitor, clock, remote and chapstick, I'll be well on my way to a minimalistic existence.

I resolve to eat one vegetable for every six desserts. Lofty goal, I know. But if you're going to go at all, you might as well go all the way, right?

You can't win them all people, you just can't.

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