Monday, August 17, 2009

Did we have a good time?

We shore did!
When we first arrived at the beach, neither child was especially happy to be there. They both found the Atlantic Ocean a bit intimidating which is understandable given the large, crashing waves against their tiny, little bodies.

So, we decided to gradually reintroduce the whole salt water splashing into them aspect of the trip. First, we decided that it would be best to acquire a safety coating for our bodies that was composed of a thin veneer of sand.

Once completely coated in grainy goodness, Chase ventured back out with Daddy and PopPop. It wasn't long before he gained back his surfer dude persona. He raced up and down the shoreline chasing wave after wave.

I think he was doing the hula dance here?

Amaya found that she preferred sitting and letting the waves come to her. Here she's working on her Body Combat side sweep. She'll be taking classes with Mama soon. Should probably get her walking first though.

When Chase realized that the waves would never grow tired and thus always win the race, he gave up and headed back for some digging exercises. Worky work busy bee.
Notice his hat in preparation for the race the next day. He really stresses the .com part making him a perfect pint sized ambassador of the company. Go BigSpot #20.
And that was our day: sun, sand, a couple of tears and a lot of fun. Shore hope you enjoyed our pictures!
Coming soon to a blog near you: Mellon does NASCAR.


  1. Yvonne4:19 PM

    What a cute picture of Amaya's "Body Combat side sweep" picture! Too cute!

  2. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Amaya looks a little like Chase in this bottom picture sitting with Andy. So cute!! Chase and Joshua would have a grand time in the sand together - no doubt!

  3. Yvonne, Amaya is so pleased that you liked her moves. She's been practicing for weeks now. :-)

    Molly, I looked at that picture again and you're right, she does resemble Chase a bit there. Joshua will have to come and play in the sandbox again soon. They had such a good time when he came to play that day.