Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rubber ducky for the taggin'

You remember that Limp Biscuit lyric? You know the one that glamorized hood like behavior such as decorating public spaces with graffiti among rebelling teens? The one that went: "Keep a skateboard, a spray can for the taggin"? No? Guess it's just me then. Anyway, my own children are both raging against the mama machine with their own form of territorial tagging. I happened across this phenomenon yesterday after lunch when I went to retrieve my apple so that I could have myself a mid afternoon tasty treat. This is what I found:

Might as well take out a billboard with neon lights reading "Chase was here". And what does this little 2 foot tyke have to be revolting against? Toilet training. Yes, that's right. Yesterday was a diaper free day. After twelve--yes 12--wardrobe changes, I believe it was safe to declare the enterprise a complete and utter failure. Chase is back to diapers this morning. We'll try again another day. Until then, I expect to not find any more teeth marks in my apples. You hear me Chaseraser?

Not to be outdone, little sister had to engage in her own type of graffiti displays.

Yep, Amaya was here alright. And to what is she voicing her dissent? Well, that would be the introduction of the sippy cup my friends. Have you ever heard a litter of 6 week old puppies yapping all at once? Well, little miss thing can make that exact same sound all by herself. And that is her happy sound as in the sound she makes when she goes charging after her brother. Now just imagine what a racket the girl can make when she is not happy. That's what I hear when I have the gall to try to give her a sippy cup of milk instead of a bottle of formula. So can anyone really blame me for giving up after enduring 15 minutes of the ear splitting screams, throwing my hands in the air and sticking the bottle in her chubby little hands. Didn't think so. So, Miss Amaya, we'll try again another day. Until then, no more bath tub ducks stuck in odd spots around the house. Agreed?

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