Monday, August 10, 2009

Rain, at last!

Chase has been dying to use his monkey umbrella since the day we bought it. He finally got his wish last Thursday when we met Allie at the farm. He dutifully carried the umbrella around in the misty weather for a full five minutes.
However, shortly thereafter, he grew weary of the cumbersome contraption and passed it off to Mama to carry. Then we entered ourselves in a game of Try to Get a Picture of Chase and Allie Both Looking at the Camera. You get three tries. Are you ready? Ok, let's see round one...

Nope, try again. How about round two?

Round three? If only Chase had his eyes open, we'd have a winner. But close only counts in horseshoes, so thanks for playing, & better luck next time folks. Please move along or insert another quarter to play again.

Here's a hint for those just learning the game: this little poser will give you a smirk any day of the week.


  1. Anonymous3:46 PM

    Chase held his umbrella longer than Allie held hers. She loves using it in the pouring down rain, but to tell you the truth it's easier to just grab her and run, than getting the umbrella sometimes.

  2. I never use an umbrella. I just end up soaked through. :-) It seems like kids always want to do the thing that is the most hassle for Mama. Some law of physics at work there.