Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ladies' Man

Is anyone surprised that there is a cute girl on either side of my little Romeo? Our local theater offers free movie mornings for the kids in the summer, so we went to see Curious George with our friends yesterday. Chase enjoyed the movie, but it eventually made him a little sleepy. He dozed off for a minute or ten. While he was sleeping, both girls crawled out of their seats and on to their mothers' laps. So, when Chase woke up, he felt like he was all alone in a dark theater. This led to a bit of a crying fit. He calmed down when Mama put him on her lap and rubbed his furry little head. Luckily all of this happened when the movie had only 10 minutes left because that kid is too heavy to hold on one's lap for any significant duration. Not that my comfort has ever been high on his priority list. For instance, last year when we watched a movie with our friends...

Isn't it cute how he just wrapped himself around the bump that was his sister? Cute, yes. Comfortable, no.

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