Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The apple certainly fell far from that tree, now didn't it?

When I was in kindergarten, students were assigned a week when they had to bring in a snack for the entire class to enjoy. On one of my days, my mom made one of my favorite treats: celery and peanut butter. She then put each serving into its own little Snow White printed baggie. I can still see the picture of the rows of dwarfs and fair skinned princesses in my head. I was so relieved when all of the kids loved the treat that I brought in as you know that social approval means a lot to a five year old.

I thought of this memory today as I was spreading chunky peanut butter on some crispy, green celery. After licking my fingers a gazillion times and spending 5 minutes wiping up the dropped globs of peanut butter, I developed a deeper appreciation for my mom. That woman must have really loved me to wake up early in the morning & stand in the kitchen painstakingly spreading that sticky goop on each of those ribs of celery just so I could have a cool snack to take to school for all of my friends. I certainly won't be providing my kids with any such labor intensive, whole class snack. No way. It's bags of goldfish crackers and juice boxes for my kids. Maybe if they're lucky, I'll see what I can do about locating some Snow White napkins.

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