Monday, July 06, 2009

101 things to do at the lake on a rainy, chilly weekend

Chase: Look Amaya, there's Mama with the camera again.

Amaya: Not again! When will the woman stop?

Chase: I think she's just bored. It's rainy and cold, so we can't go out and play.

Amaya: That's true. Poor Mama. And Daddy's still sleeping, so we can't even make a bunch of noise.

Chase: We should probably try to entertain her or something. Got any ideas?

Amaya: Hmmmm... I've got it! Just watch me work my magic big brother.

Amaya: I knew my death-defying attempt to hurl myself off of the hearth would snap her right out of her picture taking funk! I've got skills I tell ya!

Chase: Yea, but now that she's got you safely back on the floor, she'll be right back to snapping pictures. We need a new idea. You know what that means: it's concert time! Just let my groove move your soul sister.

Amaya: My ears! My ears! Make the pain stop! Oh thank heaven, the grandparents have arrived at last. Now if we could just get some sun up in here!

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