Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday Blurbs

Cake table

Cupcakes Patricia & I made. I baked, she decorated. Pretty good deal--on my end at least.

Snack table. I loved the little bread stick snails. Oh and the veggies and dip in the shape of a tree. And the jar of licorice and critter crunch. I really just loved the whole table.

Watermelon bug filled with fruit salad. There's also a tomato caterpillar in the salad. I have a tendency to go overboard, or so I've been told.

Bug catching favors...

Favors all lined up with my hand made paper flag garland.
Kids' table

Outfitter's area where the little bugs made their safari hats. You can see Amaya's on the left there. These were so cute, but I didn't get a good picture of anyone wearing one. I'll try to snap a picture of Chase in his sometime this week.

Swatting bug bubbles and trying to catch them in the nets.

Make a wish!

Time for the bug hunt!

One last game--try to eat all of the ants (chocolate sprinkles) without using your hands. First one done wins!

Go Avery! She was the big winner!
Chase had such a good time, that he ended up just collapsing in the grass when it was all over! Yea for being three!

I'm really grateful for this handful of birthday pictures because 80% of the photos that were taken this day were a fuzzy, blurry mess. I deleted so many pictures where the entire shot looked like Andy's arm here:

Since nearly every cake picture had some kind of weird blur on it, I was originally going to chalk this up to user error. This was logical as Adam was taking those pictures, and well you just never know with Adam. But then I came across this frame that Andy shot:

This leads me to believe that there was something wrong with the camera settings the entire day. Unless the man really was trying to take a picture of those leaves. But then, you never know about Drew either. Next year, I'll hire a professional. David, can you check your calendar and get back to me? Moving on...

Chase's new ride...

Zoom Zoom...

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Great party Laura! Everything was so creative and fun! I will send you some of my pictures. I might have gotten a few more of Chase with his cake. Those cupcakes were yummy!! What icing did Patricia use for those? What cake mix did you use - I tasted some of Aiden's and thought it was scrumptious...
    We had fun as always!