Sunday, July 19, 2009

Driving lessons

Taking little sister out for a spin.

Uh Oh, took out a tree stake.

Abandoning the vehicle for a more low tech model.

Hey! Where'd my chauffeur go?

Yes, this one is definitely easier to handle.

I think Daddy's the one that needs to be taking driving lessons around here. I hope he's got insurance on that thing!


  1. Yvonne7:31 PM

    Too cute! What, no pictures of Mommy driving the Caddy??

  2. Yea my limit is one embarrassing photo of myself per month, and the one of me eating chocolate sprinkles on my knees with no hands met the quota. :-)

  3. Adorable pictures. I've been looking at one for my grandson. He's only 2, after looking at your pictures I better wait a few years, lol.

  4. Well, I'd say it depends on the kid. My Chase is a bit timid about such things, but my daughter--who will be 2 in July--LOVES the truck and is a little daredevil. Of course I have to watch her closely with it, but it's worth it to see her get such a kick out of it. :-) My philosophy is: the earlier I give it to them, the longer they get to play with it. lol