Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am not just a nitwit

I was so excited by my excursion into the realm of actually using my scrapping supplies rather than simply collecting them that I spent all of my free time today surfing the net looking for sites that are dedicated to card making. I will admit that yes, I have a tendency to be a wee bit obsessive. Shocking, isn't it?

On my blog hopping travels, I stumbled across the cuttlebug spot. This wonderful little slice of webdom offers weekly challenges and ideas for creating darling little stationery for all of one's greeting card needs. I have to be frank here: this website is giving chocolate a run for its calories when it comes to inciting massive Mellon endorphin release. I was so motivated that I decided that I would go ahead and attempt a creation for this week's challenge. I do so love that little thrill that is brought on by stretching one's crafting comfort zone. And hello bonus--the challenge is Christmas in July, so I'm totally annihilating procrastination now.

Here is what I made. Again, I used only odds and ends that have been gathering dust in the land of my misfit craft supplies. (I can be forgiven for another Rudolph reference since it is the theme of the post, right?)

Now will I muster enough creativity to make a handmade Christmas card for everyone on my list. Umm. No. You see my obsessions tend to ebb and flow, so by this time next week I'll no doubt be over the whole mess. Well over it until the next time I get an itch to cut and paste that is. Until then, you can just imagine me as a busy little elf in her card shop crafting away. Ho! Ho! Ho!


  1. Beautiful card, Laura! So glad we got your creative juices flowing. Thanks for playing along with the Cuttlebug Spot. Hope to see you there often. xxD

  2. Your card is very cute! I'm so happy you found us at the Cuttlebug Spot, and that you joined us for this weeks challenge! I so hope you'll play along again soon! :)