Friday, February 20, 2009

Herb, I am

Hello people of the internet. I am Herb--friend of the little man Chase. Well, I'd like to think we're friends. There was that one time when he tried to drown me in a bowl of water, but I don't hold it against him or anything. Really, I blame his Nana. After all, she's the one that told him to do such a thing--but hey it did make my hair grow, so no worries. Anywho...I'd love a little Herbalina to spend my days with, so if you know anyone lookin--well you go ahead and send her my way. Here are my dets:

I like lounging by sunlit windows while enjoying a cold glass of Miracle Grow. I enjoy the occasional warm shower, but no more soakings please. Not big on pruning shears or insecticides, but really who is? So yea that about sums it up. I'll be waiting to hear from all of you cute little seedlings--don't lose my number now, ok?


  1. Yvonne8:11 PM

    Too cute! I really enjoy reading your much that I check EVERYDAY to see if you've added something new. Obsessed, maybe?

  2. I don't know how I missed this comment earlier, but it really made my day today! So thanks for the compliment! I'm a bit blog obsessed too, so I can totally relate. It's just interesting to peek into the lives of others for a minute or two. Like Reality TV w/o the annoying characters. :-)