Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Headlines on a Tuesday Morning

Chase is stinky!

He is also hungry and wants to play tractor tipping with Lightening McQueen. Or so he told me this morning while I was changing his very odorous diaper. In other Noodle related news, his new favorite phrase is "No Problem". He also tells ever person he meets, "I'm Chase". Unfortunately, very few people understand what he's trying to share with them, so he's been getting a lot of dazed nods and smiles from strangers lately.

Enamel has been spotted protruding from the gums of Amaya!

I know you can't see the little speck of a tooth in the picture, but I wanted you to know that I tried to capture the little intruder on camera.

Discovered on Sunday, a sharp little tooth made it's way to the top of the gum. It's on her bottom right side and could possibly explain her grumpiness over the last few days. We remain vigilant in our mission to scan the area for other members of the dental family. She's continuing to grow and change at an astounding rate as can be observed by her size 6-12 month pants being a bit snug. Also, her eyes look like they're getting a touch of green to them. Better have the DNA test information handy for when everyone begins to question my biological relation to the little sprite because if the blue eyes go, there won't be anything about her that resembles me at all.

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