Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ace has left the building

Chase has always called himself "Ace" never realizing that he wasn't saying "Chase" correctly. Perhaps the following conversation will illustrate this point better for you than any description I could provide.

Daddy: Who are you?

Chase: I'm Ace.

Daddy: You're Ace?

Chase (a little annoyed): No, Ace!

Daddy: Ace?

Chase (really annoyed): No, I'm Ace!

Daddy: Ace.

Chase ( so annoyed he's almost in tears): No. Ace.

Daddy: Oh, Chase.

Chase: Yes, I'm Ace.

See what I mean? Pretty cute right? Well, it seems that lately Chase has been working on his speech skills, because he finally realized there is a Ch at the beginning of his name. So, he no longer says "Ace". Nope, now he says, "CHase!" with a deep-voiced emphasis on the Ch part. Today at swimming, he told no less than three strangers, "I'm CHase" in a blaring self introduction. I am sure they thought he had some form of Tourettes by the way he was pushing the sound from his mouth. At least he's not shy.

His name isn't the only word that he's begun saying correctly in the last few weeks either. Ever since he'd watched his first Thomas show, that blue tank engine was always called "ess ess". Now he says "Thomas" clear as a bell. His drink of choice was always labeled, "etch", but now he enunciates every part of the word "Juice". He's intent on growing up no matter how hard I try to stop it. I guess I have no choice but to go drown my sorrows in Ace's etch and play with his ess ess.

The pictures are from our trip to the park today. Had to take advantage of the February heat wave.


  1. Yvonne5:06 PM

    Has Chase been watching Gilmore Girls? Jesse used to call Rory Ace.

  2. Yvonne5:34 PM

    No wait...Logan used to call her Ace.