Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The past month or so, I have been on a mission to make the backyard and deck area my perfect little oasis. Pregnancy hormones are with out a doubt the cause of this over powering need to have a quiet little sanctuary. I am sure that I have driven Andrew crazy with my frantic search for the perfect pillows, bistro set, flower boxes and window coverings for the gazebo. Well, the man can finally breathe a little easier. As of last night, I am 95% happy with my outdoor area. That other 5% will come when I plant my flowers in their boxes and pots. Here are a few pictures of some of my treasures. So now when I tell you that I'm spending the spring and summer outside lounging about like I'm the Queen of Sheba, you will have a visual to go with my ramblings.

Here are pictures of the patio area:

Please keep poor little Fern in your thoughts. I nearly killed her when I put her inside next to a heating vent. She is starting to come back, and we continue to hope that the fresh air does her well.

Here's a view of Chase's sandbox. He loves to play here and get all gritty and grimy. I don't mind because I can see it from all of my comfy deck chairs.

Speaking of the deck, here are a few pictures of it:

This is the bistro table that I searched and searched for. It literally had me tossing and turning at night. Then, I found this lovely set at the Pottery Barn Outlet. And then Mellon was happy. The flower boxes in the back are going to be filled with hydrangeas--I wanted to see what they would look like before I bought a gazillion of them.

And here is my most favorite happy place: The Gazebo:
Curtains closed

Curtains Open. This by the way is where I take my daily naps. ;-)

Reading chair

Here's a view of the whole thing. Doesn't Chase's bubble maker add a certain degree of class to the whole ensemble?

Most of the accessories that I have used came from Target, Costco and the Outlet Mall. I am a bargain huntress after all. I am available for design and/or shopping consultations...

And lest ye think that I've only been nesting outside, I'd have you know that nearly everything is purchased for Amaya's room as well. I am just waiting for next Thursday and the arrival of Chase's new dresser so that I can move his changing table and little dresser into her room. Then, I'll be able to put her room together, too. Pictures to be shared in the next few weeks.


  1. Teresa9:08 PM

    Gorgeous! I love the gazebo. It's a perfect spot for an afternoon nap!

  2. Samantha1:26 PM

    An afternoon nap? What's that?!!

  3. Mandy4:59 PM

    Can I just say WOW!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful!!! Whenever I own a place to decorate, I might have to hire you for design and shopping consult. It all looks amazing. Nice job!