Saturday, April 05, 2008

Belated Egg Hunt

So, us mommies aren't really procrastinators or anything. Early in March, we'd decided that we were going to get together for a family egg hunt/dinner. The problem was that we are all such busy, important people that we couldn't find a date that worked for everyone until the first week of April. And really does it even matter that the actual holiday was done and gone? I mean it's not like the kids even noticed that Easter was a week and a half before. Plus, all the plastic eggs were on clearance, and you know how I love a bargain.

As far as the actual hunting went--well maybe next year. Chase played the game long enough to gather about 9 eggs, and then he decided that he'd rather climb up Allie's slide than pick random ovoids off of the ground.

Speaking of little Ms.Allie, that girl was all about the eggs. She was the only one that noticed that there were treasures inside the little plastic domes. So, while the other three played on her toys, she ran around the yard opening all of the abandoned eggs and eating all the crackers and oreos that were hidden inside. She left the broken shells scattered around the yard so that it looked as though a massive egg massacre had taken place. Too cute.

After such an expense of energy, it is certainly no surprise that the little ones were in need of some nutritional fulfillment. Enter the pizza delivery dude who brought our pizzas around the back of the house where he was met by our little group of delayed Easter revelers. I am sure that he thought we were very odd...especially when Andy shouted "Pizza Guy"--someone has obviously been watching too much Higgleytown Heroes.

Seeing all of the little turkeys sitting around the kitchen table eating was a direct reminder of how quickly time marches on. It seems like only yesterday they were each lying on his or her own play mat staring at one another and drooling. At this rate, they'll be the ones organizing the egg hunt next year. I wonder if they were in charge, if we'd have more success at scheduling the shindig in advance of the actual holiday. But where's the fun in that really?

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  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    To be fair, Allie was only a pro at egg hunting because she went to 37 different egg hunts this year. The Brambleton egg hunt, the church egg hunt, etc., etc., etc.