Friday, May 02, 2008

Memo? Bye Bye Memo. Memo?

So the last few days, Chase has been obsessed with Memo. (Nemo) I am not sure why because he's only seen the movie maybe once in its entirety, but the kid goes around the house saying Memo all day long. At school he points out the Memo in the fish tank. And just this morning he found the flash card with the clown fish on it and very lovingly said, "Memo", kissed it and then gently placed it in his most treasured Smash Crash monster truck book.

Fast forward to this morning when we went on a nature walk at the local park. Part of the trek included a stroll past the pond. Little Chase kept calling for Memo as we walked around the marshy perimeter. "Memooooo...Memo??" When it came time to leave the pond and head for drier pastures, he kept turning back saying "Bye Bye Memo". Can the kid get any cuter?

I didn't get to take any pictures by the pond b/c I was too occupied with trying to keep the little man out of the water, but here are a few shots I got on other parts of our jaunt. As you can see from the pictures, he was so entranced with his fish hunt, that he forgot he was wearing a hat. Otherwise, it would have been swiftly thrown to the ground as the little stinker hates wearing hats.

Geese! With Babies! But Chase calls them "Ucks".

Listening to the guide talk about how tadpoles become frogs. He's soaking it all in...can't ya tell?

Walking along in his new Target sandals. Cool dude.

Listen lady, I know the difference between a real duck and a pretend duck & this here duck's a fraud!


  1. Mandy4:56 PM

    Such a cute little outfit! You guys do the coolest stuff together.

    "Memo" is what Avery used to call Nemo too. Reading that brought back some memories. And, how cute that he's all Nemo. Bye bye Nemo.

  2. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Love the hat! The park looks like a very lovely place to be. The sandals are too cute. See you soon! Love and kisses Grandma