Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yo - ho ho and a bottle of milk

Avast ye blog readers and take in the sights of our little pirate's second Halloween. The night was full of young buccaneers searching the high seas for their treasured treats. We had a bit of excitement when Jeanne thought she was headed straight for Davy Jones's Locker when a scarecrow who was supposed to be fake suddenly moved. Her screams as she ran away could be heard by all the landlubbers who were huddled in their homes. The most memorable event of the evening was when a young little privateer showed up at our door all blinged out with a giant gold dollar sign hanging from her neck. I rather assuredly asked the young lass if she were a rapper. Well, the little sprite looked at me in all seriousness and replied, "No, I'm a gangster". Well Shiver Me Timbers!

Here come the Trick or Treaters to steal my treasure. I'll make them walk the plank I will!


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Chase you make a dashing swashbuckler in your Halloween costume. Laura the front porch looks very nice I love the Jack-o-lanterns. Playing in the leaves is always great fun isn't it Chase?

  2. Grandma8:18 PM

    Dear Chase You have to forgive Grandma for forgeting to sign her last comment. Grandma sometimes has difficuty multitasking but Grandma loves her little pirate just the same. xoxo