Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Forget Plan A

Last weekend, we went to the farm with cousin Nate and family. The big draw of this particular county run acreage was the rather large Maze of Maize. I think I remember hearing David say that it covered an entire 14 acres, but don't take my word for it as I often think I've heard something that turns out to be entirely false-like the time I could have sworn Drew said that I could have a pony and name him Polanco..totally unfounded information apparently.

My original plan upon entering the giant labyrinth was to have Noodle toddle along on his own. Well, surprise surprise, the kid wasn't interested in partaking in my grand schemes. He much preferred studying every corn husk that he found lying on the dusty ground to walking. Let me tell ya, there are a lot of spare corn parts lying around a 14 acre corn field. Needless to say, I promptly gave up on plan A and moved swiftly to Plan B: Carry the Urchin. It wasn't long before I grew tired of this new method, so I devised the best strategy yet herein referred to as Plan C: Pass the Urchin to Drew. Next time, we'll skip A and B and proceed immediately to Plan C.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Isn't that jean jacket just the cutest thing evah? Thanks Nana!

Yea, no reason other than I really dig this chick. Hee hee.


  1. Grandma7:49 PM

    I like the one strolling down the path. He looks like a rea country boy in his very cool jean jacket.

  2. VERY nice. Looks like wonderful weather. And, yeah, immediate move to Plan C from now on. Chase looks SOOOO cute!!!