Friday, November 02, 2007

Nature Thug

We had our last Nature Buddies class of the fall today. The focus of the lesson was squirrels, and much to my disappointment, there wasn't a live squirrel for us to pet. There was however talk of nuts, hibernation, leaves and a squirrel song that we got to sing a couple of times that Chase really liked. There was also a really cool parachute that we put leaves on. We shook the parachute and the leaves bounced. Have you ever heard of something so crazy? Chase apparently hadn't because he was very enthralled by the whole process and showed his appreciation by clapping several times.

The little outdoorsman has improved his walking to riding on mommy ratio, too. I think today it was 10 minutes of self propelled travel to 30 minutes of leeching off of mama's energy. At this rate, I'll be still lugging him around when he's 15.

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