Monday, October 22, 2007

What I Learned on My Homecoming Vacation

  • Mountaineers really know how to pregame it up. Here's a picture of the main area that I took from our spot in the law school parking lot. Bear in mind that while this is the main area, it is most certainly not the only tailgating location--there are open car trunks in every direction from Mountaineer Field. That doesn't even count the people who couldn't get tickets and are at home sitting on their front porch couches throwing beer bottles into the road while listening to the Mountaineer Sports Network. Next season, I'm so totally going to throw my own tailgating hat into the ring. I'm already thinking of recipes...

  • True friends are the kind that you can see for the first time in years and still feel comfortable enough to make highly inappropriate requests of them in very public spaces while you are still stone cold sober. Miss you C!

  • It is possible to feel like you're still 21 and then feel like you're way older than your 29 years all in the space of about an hour. Feeling 21 was much cooler by the way.
  • Technology has completely changed the going out scene since my days at 581 Spruce Street. Cell phones were just becoming more financially feasible for random pointless calls when I left Morgantown in the Spring of 2000. Now, instead of seeing club goers talk to one another at the bar, you see them stand next to each other while texting the person downstairs. Then they show their accomplice the screen, chuckle, exchange a maximum of 15 words, and then proceed to text the person across the room. Now that I think of it, this may be a smart approach as it awfully hard to hear one another over the din. Something to ponder...
  • Drinks are cheaper in Motown which could possibly be used as an explanation for this picture. It is after all tradition to take a drunken self portrait on your way home--sweaty dancing hair and all. Lovely.

  • Being responsible enough to not drive home does not completely wipe away the irresponsibility that it took to get drunk enough to require a person to have to leave her husband's car downtown overnight. $10.00 in fines made payable to the Morgantown Parking Authority ought to just about cover it though.
  • It is possible to still have a good time when your husband is sick and miserable back at the hotel room. But when your baby gets sick, the party's over.

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  1. Samantha12:31 PM

    Laura, I LOVE the drunken self portrait. It's absolutely Priceless! Thanks for the chuckle, I needed it today. :o)