Thursday, October 05, 2006

The list

Alrighty. In an effort to keep myself on track tomorrow, I am posting this list of chores that I wish to accomplish. Keep myself honest and all. ;-)

1) Decorate for Halloween/Fall
2) Bring in Fern from the porch before it frosts and she dies
3) Water indoor plants--their sad, drooping leaves are making me feel guilty
4) Sweep up hay that has fallen from bunny cage in bunny room
5) Training
6) Mommy play group
7) Pack for Atlantic City
8) Send free Arbonne gifts from website

Things to do in the near (NOT distant) future

1) Get mums for porch planters
2) Buy Halloween pumpkin with feet from Target--love that thing!!
3) Find shadow boxes for Jeanne's project
4) Clean out closet--cycle out maternity wear--I am so sick of maternity clothes
5) Bathroom project
a. pick paint color
b. order materials
c. find handyman
d. towels/accessories
6) Work on Chase's baby album

I guess that should keep me busy for awhile. One thing I did finally get crossed off of my list was getting Iverson's teeth cleaned. He went to the vet today, and his teeth look so much better. I am not sure he was thrilled with the experience, but we are very pleased that his breath doesn't smell like a trash can anymore.

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