Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just make the mouths match

Recently, our town was in an uproar over the arrival of Verizon FIOS--it was hailed as ranking right up there with the second coming. Now, I'm not technologically savvy, so the best I can tell you about FIOS is that it makes the picture super clear and sharp. Like I can reach out and touch McDreamy sharp, if I wanted to do such things which--why not?--I do.

Everyone had something to say about FIOS--either you were thrilled and so excited that you rushed your newborn son home so as not to miss installation day (no not Drew believe it or not), or they were so ticked off at the Verizon monopoly that they complained about every little step of the process including having to press the "ON" button to make it work.

Now, if you know me, you know that I was oblivious to all of this. Just give me TV. I could never really see the difference between HD and the regular stations on satellite even with Drew switching between the two stations going "HD, No HD, HD, No HD". Of course, I ooohhed and ahhhed because I am a good wifey, but really it all looked the same to me.

FIOS however is VERY different. You can clearly see the difference between the HD version and the regular version. It makes the regular version look all washed out like those
late sixties/ early seventies shows on nick at nite. I was lovin me some FIOS, UNTIL....

It became abundantly clear that something is way wonky with the sound. It never matches the lips moving. And, I don't mean slightly off, but way off. The character will be audibly halfway through her second sentence before visually finishing her first. Like right now, my mouth would be forming the word "FINISHING". How flippin annoying. I believe the CW network is the main culprit in this conspiracy to deny me the clear, sharp picture to which I've become accustomed. And wouldn't you just know that I am a CW addict? It couldn't have been something I never watch--like say Bloomberg or Food TV?? Are those in HD yet---oh wait, I don't care.

If there are any CW big wigs reading this blog as I am sure there are...For the love of all things Gilmore, Veronica Mars and Smallvilleish, please make it so the mouths match. Your loyal fans who have stood by you through horrible reviews, dropping ratings and a whole new network will draw the line at schizophrenic character diatribes.

This concludes public service announcement #324234

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