Wednesday, October 11, 2006

He liked it, he really did--I swear

So, Chase and I have gone on a few playdates with other babies and mommies. On these trips, I have noticed that Chase is somewhat deprived in the toy area. The other babies all had the coolest little swings, bouncy things, and activity gyms. Now, by deprived I mean that Chase has the papasan swing, vibrating chair, another swing that a mom from school gave me, TWO activity gyms from cousin Nate, and a Bebe pod but it just wasn't enough. The other kid's toys were much more enticing! Grass is greener and all. So I gave Andy the mission of upping our coolness quotient by procuring some neato new gizmos for the 3 month old. (spoil my child? who me?)What he found was the Fisher Price Jumperoo--no wait the DELUXE jumperoo--we spare no expense when it comes to creating a mini-version of our gadget collecting selves.

When I finally got the thing together and put Chase in it, he laughed and giggled and shook. He did not jump, just shook. I guess jumping comes later. Anyway, he was so cute that about 10 minutes into it, I decided it would make a great picture, so I went to get the camera. That is when the crying started. Apparently, the jumperoo is only fun if mommy is there making silly faces while Chase is in it. So, I have no evidence of Chase enjoying the jumperoo, but I do have evidence of the fit he took in the jumperoo. That last picture may look like he was all happy and giddy, but in reality he was just taking a breath before his next 2 minute long scream.

Guess my mother of the year award has now been revoked.

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