Thursday, October 05, 2006

Does my birthday hold the secret to my personality?

Your Birthdate: May 31

You're a pretty traditional person. If it's lasted, it's probably good.
You seek stability - both in your career and your romantic relationship.
In return, you're very loyal and predictable. Which is usually a good thing.
Without a partner, you feel lost. Being with someone is very important to you.

Your strength: Your dependability

Your weakness: You hate being alone

Your power color: Midnight blue

Your power symbol: Shell

Your power month: April

Well, I do like stability and it is nice to have Drew around. However, I don't hate being alone. Sometimes, I need to be alone in order to maintain my sanity. So does this birthday personality theory hold any water? Maybe.

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  1. Hey, I did this a long time ago in my LJ. I can't remember if I agreed with mine, though. Now I might have to go look.