Saturday, October 07, 2006

Everyone walk the dinosaur...

I can't sing. I have no rhythm, no pitch control, I can't transfer a common tune to new words, and sometimes my voice gets this gargly quality to it. I enjoy attempting to sing, but there isn't a soul out there who would enjoy being exposed to my special serenade. Well that is until now. It seems that Chase is soothed by my singing. Or wait, maybe that's assuming to much. Maybe I should say, Chase stops screaming when I sing. Now, this may be because his ears are in agony, and he has put himself into some kind of hypnotic trance--but whatever, as long as he's quiet, I'll keep singing. Self preservation and all.

Now there is a slight problem when it comes to singing for my sanity. I don't know a lot of songs. I know PIECES of songs, but there are few songs that I know all of the words to and can maintain the musical composition with some degree of success. Aside from the traditional children's songs like Twinkle, Mary, Eensy, and that farmer with all of the animals, I've been exposing Chase to the following lyrical masterpieces:
Almost Heaven--love me some John Denver
Circle in the Sand--I've seen the leggings coming back so
why not Belinda??
My Country Tis of Thee--first grade drilled this one into my head
The Little Mermaid soundtrack--especially the treasure song

As previously mentioned, I know pieces to lots of songs, so my child gets to hear the chorus to a variety of songs. His two current favorites:

"Shake, shake, shake; Shake, Shake, Shake--Shake your Cha-ase!
Woooooooooooo, Shake your Cha-ase Wooooooooo!"


"Open the door, get on the floor, Everyone walk the
dinosaur, Boom boom ackalacklacka boom!
Boom boom ackalacklacka boom boom!

You may send my Mother of the Year award anytime now.

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