Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have a sudden urge to munch on a tin can.

Sunday was a beautiful day to go to the National Zoo. So beautiful in fact that I was quite surprised that we scored a prime parking spot in Lot B. Perhaps because everyone else was hitting up the pumpkin patches and apple orchards?

The little people enjoyed searching for animals if the relatively low number of complaints lodged is any indication. One could also draw a similar conclusion from the lack of decent pictures taken of them--they were too busy running and dancing all over the place to hold still for a photo op. Small price to pay for a peaceful outing, I say.

I did get this one though.

Is it just me, or can you see a glimpse of what she's going to look like in 10 years in this photo? Madness. 

I also got this shot:

Which admittedly did take a minute or two and several discarded attempts. By the looks of Chase though, you'd think that the process had taken hours.

I'm not sure how I can be such a cruel Mama. The guilt was eating me up, so there was only one thing to do:
Bribe away the pain with fresh donuts. I of course benefited in no way from this. While the kids munched away on their sugary treats, I spied this Halloween display across the path.

Tombstones for extinct animal species. Sad. But a very clever display--hard to ignore the massiveness of it.

The only other noteworthy event of the day was when Andy told me he thought that he'd at last discovered what I'd been in a former life.

A goat? Really Drew? Frankly I don't see it at all.

 Yet, it doesn't look like such a bad life, does it? Maaa!

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