Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It was so much better in my dreams...

I had this thought that it might be fun to photo document a Drewless day in the Mellon's life. But like most of my ideas, my vision played out much better in my head. First problem, I didn't think about the idea until around noon after I'd already fed and watered the children, hand delivered them to more capable hands than mine, and spent significant time sweating in the gym. But don't worry, my first picture is not of me all soaking wet with stinky sweat. Nope, it's this one in which I asked the internet to give opinions on the hat.

Overall, my facebook friends said it was a keeper while my twitterers remained as silent as they usually are. Which makes me wonder if anyone ever actually reads my twitter feed. Well besides my own Mama who reads it here on the blog. It might be time to abandon the twitterverse...I'll have to think on it some more. But that's' neither here nor there at the moment so where was I? Oh yes, my Drewless Day. 

After the fashion emergency, I headed to lunch with Jan. But somewhere between my house and hers, I forgot that I should take a picture of this event. I guess I can no longer claim to be a follow through kind of girl.

After lunch, I took Chase to his keyboard lesson. Guess what. I forgot to take a picture. Shocked, aren't you? But... I did get this picture of Amaya entertaining herself while we waited for his lesson to be over.

And this one of her laughing at my day documenting failure.

All that learning (Chase) and smirking (Amaya) worked up quite a couple of appetites, so we headed to Panera for dinner.
Little Miss has two fingers up as a request for her two pieces of candy. You see Chase's music teacher gave him some candy after the lesson. Mean Mama that I am, I insisted that they eat their dinner first. This edict was way more painful for me, trust me. All through the meal, I had to listen to the them whine, beg, complain, bargain and flat out demand that candy. Have you ever tried to reason with a 2 year old in between bites of your own sandwich? Not a party, that's for sure.

I've read somewhere that it's always wise to take a walk after dinner, so we walked on over to Harris Teeter to get bunny food and ice cream for our dinner at Adriana's tomorrow.  Once again, this activity did not seem to wear them out as much as it did myself. Can't figure out why.

After our little shopping excursion, we headed home for cookie dessert and a little play time. Then it was bath, story and bed. I did try to take a picture of the evening routine, but Chase put his hands up and said, "No more pictures for me today Mama. Maybe Tuesday." What could I do but respect his wishes? And then console myself with some of that candy?

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