Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Show Us Those Pearly Whites

Chase had his first trip to see the dentist this morning. Since I had the pleasure of taking Amaya to the doctor the last 4 times she went, I allowed Drew the privilege of escorting Chase to his appointment today. Feel free to place a gold star next to my name in the shares well column.

Upon returning home, Chase proudly announced that he "didn't have many cavities." which is his way of saying he didn't have any. It's good to know that those daily, monotonous reminders to go "up and down and back and forth" rather than just chewing on the toothbrush have been paying off.

The adventure of getting his teeth cleaned was on Magoo's mind all day. During Rudolph when Hermie was getting reamed by his supervisor for fixing doll's teeth, Chase loudly exclaimed, "I went to the dentist today!" At dinner, he gave his father an oral exam telling him to lie back like he was sleeping, open wide and say ahhh. Then he counted Daddy's teeth proclaiming that there were 8 in total. I hope his glee at all things tooth care related continues through his teens and into adulthood. More than that, I hope that he and his sister both got their father's teeth. Drew's chompers are the kind that only get flossed during the twice yearly in office cleanings yet the dentist is constantly remarking on how well cared for they are. As opposed to my flossed daily teeth that still earn reproachful looks from the dentist followed by lectures on the importance of proper oral hygiene. But I'm not bitter about that or anything. If you need me I'll be upstairs flossing as I mutter under my breath about the unfairness of life.

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