Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm over it

Sometimes it's really hard to think of things to write about here. So you'd think December filled with holidays, trips and birthdays would be a month where the blog is overflowing with new posts given all of the material that I have to work with, right? The problem off course is that in order for all of those aforementioned items to become the memory making events that we need them to be , Mama has to do a lot of work. Working makes Mama tired and cranky and less willing to sit down and type out stories to go with pictures. It's a Catch-22 or something.

So here is the final installment of this year's vacation. As mentioned, I'm over the whole thing. So in short order here's the working script of our trip to Disney Hollywood Studios:

Scene One: Children get wet dancing in sprinklers at Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground

Scenes Two-Eleven: Family rides rides and eats lunch.

Scene Twelve: They take in a show.

That's a wrap!

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