Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We began our holiday weekend at the lake early Friday afternoon. Chase didn't seem to remember ever being there because everything was a brand new discovery. As we were walking through the woods, he'd stop at every fallen log and say, "What happened to tree tree?". He was very concerned for those fallen specimens. Little monkey was also on a mad search for "Sssss's" or in layman's terms: snakes. He'd look in every hole and say, "sssss". He really is an outdoor child as that evening when it was time to come in, he stood fruitlessly tugging at the closed door crying,"outside, outside" for a full 15 minutes. I think he would have slept outside if we would have let him. Instead he slept in the big bed in the smaller guest room. He really is growing up too fast.

On Saturday, we had a little barbeque with Mom, Dad, David, Danielle, Nate, Mandy, Avery and Jaden. It was a beautiful day even though it was a little chilly. We ate well, took nature walks and went for a boat ride. Then Grandma and Grandpa spent the night at the lake with us which was a special treat for Chase. We woke up Sunday morning to a yummy egg breakfast prepared by Grandpa and lots of love and attention from both Grandparents.

After the child spoilers headed back home, Drew and I took Chase to the Deep Creek Nature Center to see fish and snakes and turtle and stuffed bears. It was fun for the little guy, but a little on the dull side for us older patrons. After his nap, we went down to the lake for one last visit. Chase got to dunk his feet in the water and splash all around. He was in heaven. This also served to wear him out a bit so that he slept on our ride back to Virginia. Sneaky parents we are.

We're scheduled to visit the lake again in June. I hope that I'll be feeling up for it at that time. I think floating along in a giant inner tube while hugely pregnant sounds divine, don't you?

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  1. Mandy4:25 PM

    Who *is* that gorgeous blonde-haired beauty in the redshirt? H.O.T.T.I.E LOL.
    We had such a good time. When will you be at the lake in June? I might just have to invite myselfup to see your hugely pregger self in an inner tube.
    Thanks so much for inviting us t his weekend!