Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Lake Saga Volume Three: Rescue on the Water

There we were lounging by the lake sipping sangria and watching the kids play on the dock when all of the sudden we heard Aunt Ozzie unleash a surprised shriek.

Certain that one of the children had fallen into the chilly water, we raced down to the water's edge to find...
that instead of losing a child, she had lost a shoe to the greedy water. The possible drowning of a shoe is not so scary as that of a loved one, but it is perhaps a close second. As rescuers vainly attempted to retrieve the shoe using various implements foraged from the docked boat, the rest of us watched as the shoe continued to evade capture.

But hark! What could that sound be? We all turned our heads to the shore to find the source of the sound.

Help had found us! Our heroes had arrived to begin the mission of shoe retrieval. Surely with fishing skills as great as David's, the shoe would soon be returned to its rightful place on Aunt Ozzie's foot.

But wait, aren't these the same fishermen who failed to bring us lunch?? Our hope was fading until we noticed that the sandal was making its way toward the dock next door. A quick jog down that wobbly suspension, and the boys were able to bring the leather foot covering to safety. Joy unparalleled.
I was of course too busy laughing to remember to take the victory picture...maybe someone else has one?

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