Sunday, November 16, 2008

I knew it all along

When noodle and I arrived home from Abrakadoodle on Friday morning, we found this waiting for us in the mudroom:

It would seem that a hose broke inside the (brand new) washing machine. So when I started a load of laundry before leaving for art like all good wifeys should, the water that was supposed to be in the drum washing clothes ended up all over the floor and in the walls instead. The drain in the laundry room that was supposed to catch any water should something like this happen was not properly caulked. Or to be more precise, it wasn't caulked at all. So all of the water just sat in the walls and on the floor, which meant that by the end of the day on Friday my mudroom ceiling looked like this:

And after the emergency flood people had finished with their defloodifying, I had a whole lot of these running nonstop day and night in my laundry room, mudroom and basement:

Which of course, did not contribute in any positive way to my mental stability. These events can only lead us to one, very obvious conclusion: laundry is bad for your health.

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