Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Door-to-door monster salesman

Are you surprised that when it came time to dress in his costume on Halloween night, Chase wanted nothing to do with the blue furry outfit? We got Amaya dressed, and Chase down to his diaper and then we could get no further. So we left Chase inside running around without pants while we took pictures outside.

Of course, the little rugrat wanted to come outside where the action was, so Andy would open the door and proceed with the following conversation.

Dad: Do you want to come outside?
Chase: Okay!
Dad: You have to put on your costume first.
Chase: Okay!

So in Andy would go to dress the little turkey. But then this would happen...

Chase: No, monster.
Dad: Do you want to go outside?
Chase: Okay!
Dad: Then we have to put on your costume.
Chase: No tume.
Dad: Do you want to go Trick or Treating?
Chase: No tricktreat.
Dad: Ok, well we'll be outside then.

This little show repeated itself about 3 times before Drew was actually able to fandango the kid into the costume. But then the little gremlin wanted nothing to do with pictures. Here is trying to squirm his way out of my arms.

And here he is thinking he can run away.

Finally, with the bribe of promised candy, he sat still next to Daddy long enough for Mama to get a couple of shots. He wasn't happy about it though.

He very much enjoyed Trick or Treating though. I ended up taking him to only about ten houses, but I am sure the kid would have been up for canvassing the entire neighborhood if I would have been willing to allow that much candy into my house. He got a real kick out of ringing the doorbell and saying trick or treat. The little guy took it as an invitation into their homes when anyone opened the door, so I spent a good portion of the time chasing him across strangers' foyers. This behavior will need to stop, because while it's kinda cute in a two year old, I don't think people will look favorably upon it when he's 13.

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