Monday, November 10, 2008

Crazy is as Crazy does

You've heard the legends of the mysterious sock eating dryer I'm sure, but do you know the one about the Mama who drove herself insane trying to get her clean laundry folded? No? Well, then you've probably never stood in front of the dryer trying to fold the still warm laundry and place it neatly in the basket while an impish 2 year old stands next to you repeatedly shaking a bottle of fabric softener as he recites "mah soup"--which you're pretty sure translates to "my soap"--over and over. And that little terror was probably also not feverishly working to get the cap off of his "soup" while you silently pray that you can somehow get all of the clothes folded before that thick, blue gunk comes flying out all over that freshly laundered pile. And just as you were about to fold the last remnants, that little turkey probably didn't reach up and start pressing buttons on the washing machine sending your towels through the hand wash cycle before you could get his grubbly little paws off of the enticing machine. And I'm quite certain you've never broken out your mean teacher voice to tell the gremlin, "No, we don't touch the buttons until Mama says so," and then had to watch the little guy throw himself face down so pathetically at your feet and stay there so long that you began to feel guilty. And you've probably never been just about to forgive the little devil when he suddenly shot up off of the floor and pulled the whole basket of clean clothes onto the floor. And if it is the case that you've missed out on all of the above experiences, then you have probably never had to listen to your own maniacal laughter upon hearing the phrase "clean and folded laundry" while you attempt to convince yourself that a certain degree of insanity is not only acceptable, but is in fact necessary for survival either.


  1. Mandy2:37 PM

    Oh my! That sucks! At least I get to read about it and envision your maniacal, insane laughter. hehe. Here's hoping for an improving afternoon and evening.

  2. Sharing the crazy for your enjoyment--it's what I do. ;-)

  3. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I typically don't let Joshua near the laundry or rather Justin doesn't since he does most of the laundry, hee hee.. for this very reason!

  4. My original plan was to let him help so that one day he could do all of the laundry for know earn his keep? But, I think that plan needs to be rethought.