Sunday, November 02, 2008

Chase monster and friends

We had our annual "force the kids into their costumes and take pictures while they scream" get together last Thursday. This year was not as bad as the past two years as on the whole the littles went into their costumes without too much of a fuss. The only snag in that was that Chase wasn't interested in keeping his hood up, so he basically looked like he was wearing blue pajamas, but when you have a two year old you get what you get in the apparel realm. The real obstacle this year was trying to get the four of them to stay still long enough to get a good picture. I'm still hoping one of the other Mama's will send me a better picture because this one is the best of the four in their disguises that I got, and it isn't what you could call great.

Of course, getting them all to look at the camera has always been a challenge as we can see in Exhibit B from last year's celebration.

And then there is Exhibit C: their very first Halloween extravaganza. The little guys couldn't even sit up on their own that year, so I'm not sure how we expected them to all smile pretty for the camera. The asian cowboy was so disgusted with the whole production that he withdrew himself from any further participation in the following years' attempts.

Although on rare occasions, you can actually get everyone's face in the same shot without any tears. These are the moments the Mamas live for.

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