Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Before you say it

I know that I have fallen ridiculously behind with my blog posting. You'll have to forgive me--trying to write my self-assigned 50,000 words this month has pretty much zapped all of the free time that I usually reserve for adding cute pictures and uplifting stories to this site. (I'm at 41,752 for anyone who's wondering)

But the shame of my abandonment has gotten to me, so in order to appease the guilt monster until I can do a real post after Thanksgiving sometime, I am leaving you with this adorable picture of Chase and a short little story about it. Now this picture is an old one from Halloween day, but I thought the story was cute enough to share a month old picture. Enjoy.

There we were playing in the sandbox waiting for the darkness to come so that we could go trick or treating when Chase began making a round pile of sand on the box's ledge.

"It's cake cake," he said with a smile.

"Mmm, Mama loves cake, cake," I answered with a smile.

Chase began picking up pieces of wood chips and planting them upright into the sand blob cake.

"Candles," he said in answer to my questioning look.

"Oh, it's birthday cake. Even better," I said.

Then Chase began singing the happy birthday song--a skill that I am sure he picked up at school. He didn't know all of the words, but the melody was clear. I decided it was only right to help him out.

"Happy birthday dear Cha-ase. Happy birthday to you! Yea!" My singing was as usual slightly off key though he didn't appear to mind as he was too busy laughing and clapping.

Suddenly without warning, he plucked the wooden "candles" from the sand cake. Then, to my utter disgust, he grabbed the cake in a huge handful and dumped the entire mess into his mouth.

"Mmmm cake cake," he said as the sand oozed from his mouth.

"No more cake for you!" I answered as I scooped him up and pried the offending matter from his mouth.

"Bye cake, cake," his voice was filled with remorse at the loss of his sand confection.

And that will be all until after the holiday when I promise to have new stories and new pictures to share. Happy Thanksgiving you turkeys!

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