Monday, October 06, 2008

Time to move!

So far today, Chase has thrown a kicking, screaming fit when I've tried to put on his diaper, his pants, his shirt, his socks and his shoes. What should only have taken five minutes ended up taking 20 because of the wrestling match that ensued. Therefore, I am beginning to think that it's time that we relocate to a nudist colony where it's quite normal to let a kid run around completely bare arsed. Then again, the child also indulged in tantrum-like behavior when I brushed his teeth and washed the spaghetti sauce off of his hands, so it would have to be a nudist colony that is lax on personal hygiene. Which when you think about it is actually really gross, so I guess we'll stay put. Besides, the pictures below wouldn't be nearly as cute if everyone in them was buck nekkid.

On the ride to the farm, Chase couldn't stop talking about seeing the cows and hearing them say Moo. So, I'm glad the trip didn't disappoint and there were in fact a few cows to be seen. He did not enjoy the horse though. He was very afraid of them even though they were in their stalls in the barn. He has since repeated over and over again, "No black horse". Guess he won't be a jockey after all.

Come here little goat...I want to pet your furry hide.

Why doesn't the goat want to play with me, mama why?

Amaya does not yet appear to be as much of a country kid as her brother. She seems much more city in her demeanor. hee hee.

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  1. Oh my--I had some disgusting visuals during your discussion of the "nudist colony that is lax on personal hygiene." hahahaha. Glad to hear you won't be moving there anytime soon. Although, gosh, aren't temper tantrums fun?
    Nice trip to the farm. I have to say that animals that could crush me if they tripped and fell, scare the bejesus out of me; so, I'm there with Chase on the horse thing.
    I see Amaya is still ready for "Swimming pools and movie stars."