Friday, October 17, 2008

Abrakadoodle Noodle

Chase went to his Abrakadoodle class today. For those of you who are wondering what on earth I am talking about, Abrakadoodle is kind of like the Gymboree of art classes. Each session has 4 to 5 weekly classes that are each 45 minutes long. During this time, the budding artists participate in circle time, create their masterpieces, and then share their art during gallery time. Then everyone goes home with his very own framed orginal. It's a pretty neat class, and Chase just loves going.

Today's lesson was painting with fruits and vegetables. Not painting pictures of fruits and vegetables, but rather actually putting paint onto celery, lettuce and apples and then applying it to the canvas. Being the messy kid he is, Chase was well suited for this particular project. While most of the other kids were very carefully stamping their carrots on the paper being certain to keep all of the colors pure, Chase was busy smearing paint from corner to corner. He quickly discovered that his fingers would do a much better job of blending all of the bright primary colors into a lovely shade of brown. Given his hands on approach, it wasn't long before the kid and the mom were both covered in paint. Straight into the wash went those clothes; I sure hope it was the washable kind of paint.

Here's my little artist showing off his one-of-a-kind design. He's pretty proud of the orange pumpkin in the upper right hand corner. I'm not sure if that is what he originally intended the orange blob to be, but when Miss Lori asked him if it was a Halloween Pumpkin, Noodle quickly agreed and has been yammering about it ever since.


  1. Mandy5:02 PM

    Awwwwww! SO cute! He looks completely focused in the pics where he's dipping the veggies in paint. This made me grin from ear to ear. And, sure, it's a pumpkin--I bet his very intent. ;o)

  2. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Our little artist! Where was Amaya? I never know what to do with the second one during these type of events? :<)

  3. Shelly12:24 PM

    So cute! Abrakadoodle comes to Madelyn's preschool once a week so we have a ton of framed artwork all over the place. :)

  4. Mandy,
    Yes, silly me to doubt that it was ever anything but a pumpkin. Bad Mama.

  5. Molly,
    Andy watches Amaya while we go to art. But, there's actually a mom there that brings her 1 year old along. He sits in his car seat while his sister does art. I might take Amaya a long sometime if Drew can't watch her.

  6. Shelly,
    Yes, I can see the art taking over the house very soon. Time to start sending it off to family members.