Monday, October 27, 2008

It's getting to be that time again...

you know, when everyone and their sister starts asking me what I want for the holidays? So, here is installment number one of things that Mellon would like to have wrapped and handed to her this December. To avoid any confusion, if you plan on purchasing this item please leave a comment saying so--that way I don't have to give everyone even more ideas b/c you're all afraid that someone already bought the ones that I post online. This gift idea bonanza is a free service provided by yours truly; however, donations of chocolate are always welcome.

This little beauty is a
Keurig 5060 27-Cup-Capacity K-Cup Spinning Carousel. It can be found at Amazon, or they also have them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I do have a $10 off at $30 coupon you can use if you have other needs from the BBB. Just shoot me an email if you want it. :-)Stay tuned for more additions to the list...


  1. I had to Google that to know what it was. Or, rather what it holds. lol. I don't think my gargantuan can of Maxwell House Original would fit in one of those, huh? I'm staying tuned...

  2. Haha! I love my Keurig! Since I'm the only coffee drinker, and I only drink 1 cup at a time, it's perfect for me. Saving me a ton of money since it's helped me cut back drastically on my Starbucks trips. I also love having all of the different flavor choices at my fingertips. That spinner would be perfect b/c right now all of my cups are in boxes in the cabinet...this is much more aesthetically pleasing.

  3. So....I saw a commercial on tv for the Keurig one cup pot and this handy dandy contraption in your post. It all makes the most perfect sense--and looks pretty awesome!