Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a big boy now!

This kid
has his own opinion about everything these days. I've already mentioned the fight over getting dressed every morning. But since it's my blog, you'll just have to bear with me as I once again reiterate this particular point. Daily, I must parade before him a show of 5-10 shirts before he finally picks one that is deemed worthy of being worn. Then during nap time, he'll decide that his shirt is "dirty". So he'll take it off and throw it in the hamper. Don't try to get him to put that shirt back on though because like the child said, "it's dirty". Thus the process repeats itself as I once again have to persuade him to put a top on. The conversation goes like this:

Mama: How about the dinosaur shirt Chase? You like dinosaurs.
Chase: No, diosuars
Mama: What about your Rock N Roll shirt? Cool dude.
Chase: No ro n roll
Mama: Monkey shirt? ee ee oo oo ah
Chase: No Monkey.
Mama: Look Chase Orange Stripe shirt.
Chase: No ipes
Mama: I found the plane shirt. Zoom zoom.
Chase: No pwane
Mama: Are you feeling like a puppy pirate today?
Chase: No woof woof.
Mama: Chase, you have to wear a shirt.
Chase: No shirt. No jeans.
Mama: Are you sure you don't want to wear the Dinosaur shirt?
Chase: OK!
Mama: Really? You're not teasing me are you?
Chase: OK!

Clothes aren't the only thing that he must approve of before use. For example, every day finds a new color of sippy cup that is acceptable for juice containment. Today it was the green one that he wanted in the morning. So, when we were leaving for dinner tonight, I felt pretty proud of myself for remembering to pack a green cup in the diaper bag. Once at the restaurant, I triumphantly pulled it from my bag only to be met with a litany of chants of the "No green one" variety. I just can't win.

I'm sure that when you looked at the above picture, your first thought was that the child is desperately needing a haircut. That's what I thought too, so off he went with Drew to Cartoon Cuts. He was such a little man sitting in the chair all by himself. I am sure that his good behavior has little to nothing to do with the bribery cars that his daddy gave him before the outing.


  1. Anonymous6:01 PM

    what a little man, Grandma loves the new do See you soon Oh by the way Little Miss Amaya looks so grown up in the rocking chair.

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Joshua has been doing the same thing to us as we dress him except everything is 'too small', brand new shirt or pants or shoes, 'too small Mommy' and pulls at his clothes but we muscle him through it and distract. So fustrating yet so lovable, ha!

  3. Chase tells us that his shoes are too big. Oh and everything he doesn't want to wear is "Dirty Mama wash it". This does not bode well for his future wife...